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Last Words to Miriam - by David Herbert Lawrence

J--K. Huysmans - by Amy Lowell

Pickthorn Manor - by Amy Lowell

The Bombardment - by Amy Lowell

The Cross-Roads - by Amy Lowell

A Fixed Idea - by Amy Lowell

Lead Soldiers - by Amy Lowell

Dan, The Wreck - by Henry Lawson

The League of Nations - by Henry Lawson

Since Then - by Henry Lawson

Gacela of the Dark Death - by Federico Garcia Lorca

Interregnum - by Weldon Kees

The Last Buccaneer - by Charles Kingsley

The Proud Poet - by Joyce Kilmer

The Robe of Christ - by Joyce Kilmer

Two Months - by Rudyard Kipling

To the Unknown Goddess - by Rudyard Kipling

Tomlinson - by Rudyard Kipling

Justice - by Rudyard Kipling

The Female of the Species - by Rudyard Kipling