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The Spell Of The Yukon - by Robert William Service

The Ballad Of Hard-Luck Henry - by Robert William Service

The Wanderlust - by Robert William Service

The Witch Of Atlas - by Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Reply to Time - by Mary Darby Robinson

The Hermit of Mont-Blanc - by Mary Darby Robinson

My Last Will - by Sir Walter Raleigh

The Water-Nymph - by Alexander Pushkin

Two Campers In Cloud Country - by Sylvia Plath

Israfel - by Edgar Allan Poe

Al Aaraaf - by Edgar Allan Poe

Amateurs of Heaven - by Howard Nemerov

The Blue Swallows - by Howard Nemerov

Always Marry An April Girl - by Ogden Nash

A Song Of Despair - by Pablo Neruda

An April Night - by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Time I've Lost In Wooing - by Thomas Moore

The Time I've Lost - by Thomas Moore

Nay, Tell Me Not, Dear - by Thomas Moore

Comus - by John Milton