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Ode to Envy - by Mary Darby Robinson

Monody to the Memory of Chatterton - by Mary Darby Robinson

Male Fashions for 1799 - by Mary Darby Robinson

Lines on Hearing it Declared that No Women Were So Handsome as the English - by Mary Darby Robinson

Elegy to the Memory of Werter - by Mary Darby Robinson

Elegy to the Memory of David Garrick, Esq. - by Mary Darby Robinson

Edmund's Wedding - by Mary Darby Robinson

Deborah's Parrot, a Village Tale - by Mary Darby Robinson

The River - by Kathleen Raine

Millenial Hymn to Lord Shiva - by Kathleen Raine

To His Love When He Had Obtained Her - by Sir Walter Raleigh

Life - by Sir Walter Raleigh

Two Sonnets - by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Isaac and Archibald - by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Flammonde - by Edwin Arlington Robinson

John Brown - by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Final Notions - by Adrienne Rich

My Mouth Hovers Across Your Breasts - by Adrienne Rich

The Convent Threshold - by Christina Rossetti

The Married Lover - by Coventry Patmore

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