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Doors, Doors, Doors - by Anne Sexton

Lullaby - by Anne Sexton

All My Pretty Ones - by Anne Sexton

Her Kind - by Anne Sexton

On Recollection - by Phillis Wheatley

The Old Lowe House, Staten Island - by Alan Seeger

To A Lady On The Death Of Her Husband - by Phillis Wheatley

The Old Prison - by Judith Wright

South of my Days - by Judith Wright

A Winter Daybreak Above Vence - by James Wright

On a Theme in the Greek Anthology - by Alan Seeger

The Journey - by James Wright

Psalm 90 part 1 - by Isaac Watts

Maktoob - by Alan Seeger

Bellinglise - by Alan Seeger

A Message to America - by Alan Seeger

Book II - by Charlotte Smith

Book I - by Charlotte Smith

Press'd by the Moon - by Charlotte Smith

They Did Not Expect This - by Vernon Scannell

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