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Making It Work - by Philip Levine

Where We Live Now - by Philip Levine

The Helmet - by Philip Levine

The Dead - by Philip Levine

My Fathers, The Baltic - by Philip Levine

Worm Either Way - by David Herbert Lawrence

A Sane Revolution - by David Herbert Lawrence

If You are a Man - by David Herbert Lawrence

Off the Turnpike - by Amy Lowell

The Great Adventure of Max Breuck - by Amy Lowell

The Grocery - by Amy Lowell

A Tale of Starvation - by Amy Lowell

Fool's Money Bags - by Amy Lowell

The Cremona Violin - by Amy Lowell

Sword Blades and Poppy Seed - by Amy Lowell

The Fruit Shop - by Amy Lowell

Patience - by Amy Lowell

The Two Old Bachelors - by Edward Lear

The Owl And The Pussy-Cat - by Edward Lear

Breadfruit - by Philip Larkin