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Sohrab and Rustum - by Matthew Arnold

Consolation - by Matthew Arnold

The Forsaken Merman - by Matthew Arnold

A Wish - by Matthew Arnold

Longing - by Matthew Arnold

Sekhmet, the Lion-headed Goddess of War - by Margaret Atwood

Flying Inside Your Own Body - by Margaret Atwood

Is/Not - by Margaret Atwood

Helen of Troy Does Countertop Dancing - by Margaret Atwood

Variations on the Word Love - by Margaret Atwood

Postcards - by Margaret Atwood

Refusal - by Maya Angelou

When You Come - by Maya Angelou

Million Man March Poem - by Maya Angelou

Remembrance - by Maya Angelou

The Lesson - by Maya Angelou

A Conceit - by Maya Angelou

Touched by An Angel - by Maya Angelou