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On His Lady Marie - by William Strode

On Gray Eyes - by William Strode

On Fayrford Windowes - by William Strode

Respondez! - by Walt Whitman

Hello to the world. - by Walt Whitman

On A Gentlewoman's Watch That Wanted A Key - by William Strode

Of Death & Resurrection - by William Strode

Night on The Prairies - by Walt Whitman

States! - by Walt Whitman

To a foil’d European Revolutionaire - by Walt Whitman

Melancholly - by William Strode

Prayer of Columbus - by Walt Whitman

Keepe On Your Maske And Hide Your Eye - by William Strode

Keepe On Your Maske - by William Strode

From Pent-up Aching Rivers - by Walt Whitman

Warble for Lilac-Time - by Walt Whitman

For A Gentleman, Who, Kissinge His Friend At His Departure Left A Signe Of Blood On Her - by William Strode

An Epitaph On Sr John Walter, Lord Cheife Baron - by William Strode

A Carol of Harvest, for 1867 - by Walt Whitman

Song of the Redwood-Tree - by Walt Whitman

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