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Was There A Time - by Dylan Thomas

I See The Boys Of Summer - by Dylan Thomas

I Have Longed To Move Away - by Dylan Thomas

Poem On His Birthday - by Dylan Thomas

Wants Poems And Has Never Rejected Anyone - by Barry Tebb

A Letter To My Aunt - by Dylan Thomas

Letter From Haworth - by Barry Tebb

The Days Go By - by Barry Tebb

Coming To Terms With Schizophrenia - by Barry Tebb

In Harm’s Way - by Barry Tebb

Pulled From A Life Some Leaves - by Barry Tebb

Blue Squills - by Sara Teasdale

On A March Day - by Sara Teasdale

Guenevere - by Sara Teasdale

To The Sound Of Violins - by Barry Tebb

Our Son - by Barry Tebb

Oh You Are Coming - by Sara Teasdale

The Ghost - by Sara Teasdale

Barter - by Sara Teasdale

It Will Not Change - by Sara Teasdale

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