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The Building - by Philip Larkin

This Be The Verse - by Philip Larkin

High Windows - by Philip Larkin

Wilful Missing - by Rudyard Kipling

An Imperial Rescript - by Rudyard Kipling

Narcissus, Photographer - by Erica Jong

Flying at Forty - by Erica Jong

Unclean - by Mac Hammond

Halloween - by Mac Hammond

Praying Drunk - by Andrew Hudgins

Third Avenue In Sunlight - by Anthony Hecht

V - by Tony Harrison

To Phillis to love, and live with him - by Robert Herrick

A Pastoral Upon the birth of Prince Charles:Presented to the King,and set by Mr Nic. Lani... - by Robert Herrick

Work and Play - by Ted Hughes

the shakes - by Rg Gregory

to the seaside - by Rg Gregory

Sorrows Interest - by Gary R. Ferris

Setting aside the anger - by Raymond A. Foss

Herding Sheep - by Raymond A. Foss

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