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All the Hills and Vales Along - by Charles Sorley

Crossroads - by Joyce Sutphen

Fifteen False Propositions Against God - Section XIV - by Jack Spicer

Fifteen False Propositions Against God - Section XIII - by Jack Spicer

Years of the Modern - by Walt Whitman

We Two Boys Together Clinging - by Walt Whitman

A Glimpse - by Walt Whitman

Starting from Paumanok - by Walt Whitman

Song of the Open Road - by Walt Whitman

Poem of Joys. - by Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman. - by Walt Whitman

The Errand - by Anne Sexton

To Elsie - by William Carlos Williams

The Consecrating Mother - by Anne Sexton

The Fury Of Sunrises - by Anne Sexton

The Evil Eye - by Anne Sexton

The Red Dance - by Anne Sexton

The Dead Heart - by Anne Sexton

Going Gone - by Anne Sexton

A Story For Rose On The Midnight Flight To Boston - by Anne Sexton

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