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Reconstruction - by Andrew Barton Paterson

There's Another Blessed Horse Fell Down - by Andrew Barton Paterson

The Geebung Polo Club - by Andrew Barton Paterson

Boots - by Andrew Barton Paterson

Old Pardon, the Son of Reprieve - by Andrew Barton Paterson

Epilogue - by Ezra Pound

In the Old Age of the Soul - by Ezra Pound

The Seafarer - by Ezra Pound

Canto I - by Ezra Pound

Between going and staying the day wavers - by Octavio Paz

The Sleepers - by Sylvia Plath

Wintering - by Sylvia Plath

The Other - by Sylvia Plath

Blackberrying - by Sylvia Plath

Vanity Fair - by Sylvia Plath

Getting There - by Sylvia Plath

Love Is A Parallax - by Sylvia Plath

Morning Song - by Sylvia Plath

Tulips - by Sylvia Plath

First Poem - by Peter Orlovsky

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