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Letters From A Man In Solitary - by Nazim Hikmet

Crossing the Frontier - by Alec Derwent Hope

Middle Passage - by Robert Hayden

Heiress And Architect - by Thomas Hardy

De Profundis - by Thomas Hardy

Let Me Enjoy - by Thomas Hardy

God-Forgotten - by Thomas Hardy

The Choirmaster's Burial - by Thomas Hardy

God's Funeral - by Thomas Hardy

Lines On The Loss Of The "Titanic" - by Thomas Hardy

The Convergence Of The Twain - by Thomas Hardy

Bride and Groom Lie Hidden for Three Days - by Ted Hughes

stylised tulips - by Rg Gregory

the buddha’s tooth - by Rg Gregory

uganda cry - by Rg Gregory

hawthorns and the like - by Rg Gregory

from the Ansty Experience - by Rg Gregory

the rest home - by Rg Gregory

The Invitation - by Thomas Godfrey

A Dedication - by Adam Lindsay Gordon

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