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On Equality - by Sukasah Syahdan

Over the Carnage - by Walt Whitman

Apostrophe - by Walt Whitman

Respondez! - by Walt Whitman

States! - by Walt Whitman

Great are the Myths - by Walt Whitman

Poem of Remembrance for a Girl or a Boy - by Walt Whitman

The Lay Of The Bell - by Friedrich von Schiller

As I Sat Alone by Blue Ontario’s Shores. - by Walt Whitman

So Long. - by Walt Whitman

Book II - by Charlotte Smith

Hymn To The Penates - by Robert Southey

Blood And The Moon - by William Butler Yeats

Equality - by Robert William Service

Threes - by Carl Sandburg

Demos - by Edwin Arlington Robinson

The Man Against the Sky - by Edwin Arlington Robinson

On Home Beaches - by Les Murray

Equality - by John McCrae

Paradise Lost: Book 07 - by John Milton