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A Letter From Li Po - by Conrad Aiken

The Princess (part 2) - by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Beauty - by Edward Thomas

Epitaph On A Disturber Of His Times - by A. S. J. Tessimond

Epitaph For Our Children - by A. S. J. Tessimond

Epitaph On The World - by Henry David Thoreau

To H. - by Sukasah Syahdan

Epitaph In The Form Of A Ballade - by Francois Villon

On The Death Of Sir Thomas Lea - by William Strode

Her Epitaph - by William Strode

Epitaph On Mr. Bridgeman - by William Strode

An Epitaph On Sr John Walter, Lord Cheife Baron - by William Strode

An Epitaph On Mr. Fishborne The Great London Benefactor, And His Executor - by William Strode

On the Death of the Rev. Dr. Sewell - by Phillis Wheatley

A Message to America - by Alan Seeger

Ring Out Your Bells - by Sir Philip Sidney

Epitaph on Charles II - by John Wilmot

Just Think! - by Robert William Service

Swift's Epitaph - by William Butler Yeats

The Lost Master - by Robert William Service

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