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The Wishing-Caps - by Rudyard Kipling

The Song of the Cities - by Rudyard Kipling

A Song In Storm - by Rudyard Kipling

The Old Issue - by Rudyard Kipling

The Mary Gloster - by Rudyard Kipling

Macdonough's Song - by Rudyard Kipling

Kitchener's School - by Rudyard Kipling

A Death-Bed - by Rudyard Kipling

Endymion: Book IV - by John Keats

Endymion: Book I - by John Keats

To The Memory Of M Beloved, The Author, Mr William Shakespeare, And What He Hath Left Us - by Ben Jonson

Sestina: Here In Katmandu - by Donald Justice

Promise Of Peace - by Robinson Jeffers

The Player Piano - by Randall Jarrell

Salesmanship, With Half A Dram Of Tears - by Mac Hammond

Year's End - by Marilyn Hacker

Scars on Paper - by Marilyn Hacker

Paragraphs from a Day-Book - by Marilyn Hacker

Nearly A Valediction - by Marilyn Hacker

Praying Drunk - by Andrew Hudgins

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