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The Souls of the Slain - by Thomas Hardy

Catullus: XXXI - by Thomas Hardy

Embarcation - by Thomas Hardy

The Contretemps - by Thomas Hardy

Let America Be America Again - by Langston Hughes

the bouncing spider - by Rg Gregory

from the Ansty Experience - by Rg Gregory

I Hardly Remember - by Rafael Guillen

Rinaldo - by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Wanderer's Storm-Song - by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Deserted Village - by Oliver Goldsmith

Helen In Hollywood - by Judy Grahn

I Hardly Remember - by Robert Graves

The Lovers Entwined - by Raymond A. Foss

Like Strands of Silver - by Raymond A. Foss

A Single Strand of Gossamer - by Raymond A. Foss

Joined with Christ - by Raymond A. Foss

The Tapestry of the Song - by Raymond A. Foss

Pulling a String - by Raymond A. Foss

Blond Hair Shimmering - by Raymond A. Foss

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