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Clancy Of The Overflow - by Andrew Barton Paterson

The Road to Old Man's Town - by Andrew Barton Paterson

Villanelle: The Psychological Hour - by Ezra Pound

The Plunge - by Ezra Pound

The Garret - by Ezra Pound

A Pact - by Ezra Pound

Tombstones in the Starlight - by Dorothy Parker

The Leal - by Dorothy Parker

The False Friends - by Dorothy Parker

Neither Bloody Nor Bowed - by Dorothy Parker

Love Song - by Dorothy Parker

Fable - by Dorothy Parker

After Spanish Proverb - by Dorothy Parker

Leaving Early - by Sylvia Plath

Dreamland - by Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven - by Edgar Allan Poe

Inner Tube - by Michael Ondaatje

The Time Around Scars - by Michael Ondaatje

To A Sad Daughter - by Michael Ondaatje

A Terre - by Wilfred Owen