I Am Who I Choose To Be by Raymond A. Foss

A true statement, serious
an accurate reflection of consequences
the results of acts of free will
Maybe a bit cursory, too summary
this banner in the office vestibule
A mantra perhaps too soon
Would they really understand, comprehend
adequately appreciate, at their tender years,
eleven to maybe sixteen,
so sure of themselves, so doubting too
Years too few for reflection, for real insights
A banner, true of life, the story told in the book
the word, a God who gave us choices
and the fallout from the ones made,
starting in the garden, in that bit of paradise
A uncredited quotation, a belief
May they understand, even as we do not
may their road be easier in the knowledge
captured in the words, above the spot
that those in trouble sit

by Raymond A. Foss

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