i waited and watched by Joseph Mayo Wristen

my insanity

i waited and watched

street wizard glass stone hip idealist
smoking their bed time flower
beads into sky cat city café’ park music

i waited and watched

herb chemist window curtain
dreamer look out to naked scenes
of Psychogenic songs echoing
visions of a blind dog poet barking

i waited and watched

sidewalk crystal bearded biker
tip hat dealer fiddler perch sectary
coin sister of enlightenment
kissing their tar string book of prayer

i waited and watched

flags lined along park cement
painted creed lined streets
striped barriers changing our
future with a constituted lobby toast

i waited and watched

the broadcasted notes of a white czar
dice collared radio slave stop and
arrest the owner of a peddling
ice truck advertising flavored words

i waited and watched

Rose wine t-shirt scholars pitched
key branch religion notes throwing
blossoms over temple fork statues
promising bare foot sage green riots

i waited and watched

dance pool hall paste kids raveing
on Alice’s plum night fantasy behind
trash alley tattoo orgy looking to
find a way to establish their identity

i waited and watched

as broadcasted Gura worshipped web
notes changing time’s tree moon
reflection children of god selling home
made nova soap to heal our scares

i waited and watched

a horn blower reach out to pastry clerk
nun selling the secret to our sexual freedom
advertisements surrounding each jealous
attempt to find life’s promised orgasm

i waited and watched

looking to find more than a revolution
signs printed on the back of an adult
package designed with psalm flowers
commercial messages explaining to us
more than we ever wanted to know

i waited and watched

sitting here lost in meditation wanting
you to feel my love, to reach out for my
hand, taste my thoughts i waited here
looking to free myself from the voices of

my reality

by Joseph Mayo Wristen

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