Sandstorm in Iraq by Sharon Esther Lampert

Dust is Blowing
Blood is Flowing
Dead are Worming
U.N. are Groaning
French are Moaning
Bush Gets Going
Protestors are Crowing
Osama bin Laden is Unknowing
Saddam is Forgoing
Muslims are Cheering and Jeering
Weapons of Mass Destruction are not Unfolding
Insurgents are Slowing
U. S. soldiers Keep Going
Democracy is Growing
Women are Showing
Elections are Easygoing
Freedom is Holding
Peace is Plateauing
U.S. deficit is Owing
Oil is Glowing
Memorials are Knowing: 2,100 Dead, 16,000 Wounded (11/2005).
When the Dust Settles down upon the Blood-soaked Earth where
Sacred American lives were Sacrificed and Slaughtered for Security:
Freedom from Terrorism:
Was the Iraq war fought for naught?

by Sharon Esther Lampert

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