There Is No Flower in Darfur by Sharon Esther Lampert

The first genocide of the 21st century Began in Sudan.
Slavery is cursed: Black-African Muslims strike first.
Arab Muslims strike back with a whack.
Running Barefoot, Black-African Muslims flee the attack.
Political Opposition descends into ethnic cleansing.
War descends into war crimes.
Rape descends into orphans.
Refugees descend into Chad.
Drought descends into starvation.
The rainy season descends into disease.
There are no villages.
There are no Mosques.
There are no cattle.
There are no fields.
There are no crops.
There is no food.
There is no faith.
There is no koran.
There are no lessons learned: There is no GENOCIDE(?)
There is no cemetery:
The remains of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers
Lie scattered among the lies of the Janjaweed militias.
From pools of blood, flowers cannot grow.
There is no flower in Darfur.

by Sharon Esther Lampert

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