The Other Disciple by Raymond A. Foss

Each of us journeying
following the path
each of us gathering
carrying our cross

We are the other disciple
unnamed, on the road
walking with Jesus
all the way home

He is beside us
on our path, in this walk
sharing our struggles and triumphs
all of our days

Christ is with us
His Spirit indwelling
calling us to go, to share
in service to our King

Into this Story

We are called, our lives revealed
our days written in this story
in this journey of faith
leading home
Into this story we see ourselves
the questioning disciples
unable to believe
proofs written, handed down
finding Christ, in the breaking of the bread
in the sharing of a meal with a stranger
unnamed though we are
we are there, walking
needing to know
to understand
needing to believe

The Unnamed Disciples

With Cleopas, walking home
on the Road to Emmaus
Leaving Jerusalem, on a journey
traveling from the city of David
wondering what is to become of His ministry
now that the Master is gone
So much pain, so much confusion
not truly understanding these things

Walking on that road
joined by a stranger, seemingly unaware
unaware of the events which have dominated our days
from the triumphant entrance, hosannas and palms
to the cross, to death, to the grave
Reports of the empty tomb, of his rising
but emptiness mainly
The stranger sharing, what is this he says
the prophecy of the Messiah
in the life of our Master
the scripture fulfilled
Walking homeward
entering in
Our savior lives!
in the breaking of bread

We are the unnamed disciple
walking with Christ
so unsure, so troubled
when we should have joy instead
Believing, if we but walk with him
look to the scripture, to the words of old
his life, his ministry, all of this foretold
The words he shared with Cleopas, with us as well
as true today, as on the road to Emmaus
the road home, to our Father
walking with our savior, with our brother
Sharing the good news with the others
until all of us have heard,
to the ends of the earth

by Raymond A. Foss

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