Maybe Careful, not Carefree by Raymond A. Foss

Maybe this information
her diagnosis easier
our lives maybe careful,
not carefree totally

She will count the numbers
regulate so she is healthy
more aware of her choices perhaps
those we all make anyway

Mindful beyond her years
needing to know
living more consciously
purposely in her decisions

Following a different path
a wrinkle in the road
something she will grow into
in everywhere she goes

A Wrinkle in the Road

The words sinking in
“Shyanne has diabetes”
something unwelcome
ringing in my ear
a change forever
of our lives, our family
controlling carbs
and facing needles

So many voices
lifting prayers for her
love pouring out
pouring over us
many voices
in distant places even
wrapping her, wrapping us
in God’s eternal love

by Raymond A. Foss

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