Going to Jerusalem by Raymond A. Foss

Leaving Bethlehem
beside the manger
under his natal star
going to Egypt, to Nazareth
walking the dusty roads of Galilee
following my master by the sea

In the crowd on the mountain
seeing him heal the sick and the lame
his message, his love, revealed to all
in his words, in the touch of his hand

Going to Jerusalem
beside him on the way
his eyes set on the temple
following the way of the cross

Speaking the truth
his words with power
confronting the people,
the authorities
leading to that hour
bread broken and the cup shared

Praying in the garden
submitting to the master’s will
to cup to his lips,
climbing the cross for me
Beside the tomb on Easter day
walking to Emmaus with our Lord
Our king, from the manger to the cross
Leading me home to him

by Raymond A. Foss

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