A Day at the Beach by Raymond A. Foss

Laughing, we ran on the hot sand
The damp beach under our feet
The glistening ocean before us
The girl did a backflip, landing
on her feet; Ta-Da, like a dolphin
We were playing with the beach balls
Volleying over an invisible net
The dry sand burns. Splash!
Swim in the water, watch
for seaweed, sponges, jellyfish
The wind, the rocks, sand blowing
Walk down looking for shells, for glass
Salty air, wet in my mouth
The buckets and shovels on my towel
Sand everywhere, in everything
Rambunctious gulls, scream not so beautifully
A pause in wonder, the small world
shining in the tide pool
Starfish and seahorses excited in play
sea urchins dancing in suspended animation
Hot lying on the beach
Time to go home

by Raymond A. Foss

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